Excel vs. Data Warehousing

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Publication Date: 07/09/2020
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Excel vs. Data Warehousing: pointing out the limitations of Excel as the core data solution

Excel has always been a fantastic tool for data calculation, and its popularity would continue to flourish in the field of financial processes. However, as business grows, the amount of data is going to mount exponentially. There is going to be a tipping point when Excel is not capable of handling massive amounts of data. It has been proven that Excel alone is not enough to solve all the data issues a business might encounter due to several critical limitations.

These are some limitations with Excel:

While Excel seems to be good enough for small businesses, growing companies need a more efficient and accurate way of handling data. Today, modern data warehouse software can adjust to all those gaps from Excel, as well as provide greater possible advantages.

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Vivian Truong - Principal Consultant


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