FCCS: Clear Data and Consolidation

Written By: Henry Lin - EPM Cloud Consultant
Publication Date: 1/07/202020

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Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service

Oracle's Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS) has the option for clearing data by: Scenario, Year, Period, Data Source, and Entity. However, some users may find themselves confused when attempting to validate the data at different level.

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During consolidation, the data gets translated from FCCS_Entity Input to FCCS_Entity Total at consolidated level. When clearing data, all the data resides in level 0 will get cleared. However, since in Clear Data option, there is no option to select by Consolidation, the data at Consolidated level (FCCS_Entity Total) will remains within the application.

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By processing this step, it can prevent from data overlapping at consolidated level. It will also cause confusion on data validation.


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