OneStream XF Workflow

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Publication Date: 07/19/2019
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Workflow in OneStream XF controls and guides user activity to tasks that need to be completed (such as data that needs to be loaded, adjusted, analyzed, or verified). It is considered an overall system manager for all data activities and end user activities. In OneStream XF, data load can only occur during workflow (and without workflow there would be no data). The general workflow steps are listed below:


More steps can be added, configured, or removed from workflow, and the workflow profile decides on what actions users need to perform. Workflow steps can also differ based on scenario types (ex: budget is loaded but forecast is typed onto forms). The 3 main profile types of workflow are shown below:

  1. Review Level Workflows (read-only workflow that's used to review data and sign off by reviewers)
  2. Base Input Workflows (loads data to base entities)
  3. Parent Adjustment Workflows (ex: Top Side Adjustments)
Please Note: Adjustments can be made at the base level or submitted through cube view (forms) and journal entries.
Varying Workflow Structures

As mentioned earlier, workflow structures can vary depending on the Scenario Type. This allows different collection points, security, approval processes, base entity assignment, etc. from one workflow to the next. By tagging Scenario Types on the cube, this allows separate workflow structures to be kept on the same cube.


Users may find that workflow has an incredibly user-friendly interface. All the tasks that are assigned to a user can be found under workflow (instead of a 3rd app, etc.). And if a team is working together, users are able to see what their teammates have completed and continue working from there.

Workflow also allows you the option to "drill down" to find the source data if certain numbers or data appear to have issues. Drill down essentially allows users with one click to go back a level and see what data comprises the shown data. This is great for companies that may be extracting and loading data from legacy systems, as now users can drill down and find the issue.


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