The Capabilities of OneStream XF

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Revision Date: 09/10/2019
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As the second installment to the previous article, "The Pros & Cons of OneStream XF", this article focuses more on the capabilities of OneStream XF plus the reporting features and dashboards on the OneStream XF platform. Some of these capabilities include: workflow, drill down, and performing a multitude of financial processes via Onestream's centralized platform.

We also go into detail about the three (3) types of reporting that OneStream XF allows, as well as the two (2) types of dashboards that can be generated on the OneStream XF platform.

what can onestream xf do?

  • Through a single platform, OneStream XF can perform:
    • financial consolidation
    • financial reporting
    • planning and budgeting
    Compared to Oracle's financial suite, where there are different applications for financial consolidation & reporting, planning & budgeting, etc.)

  • OneStream XF can be used on-premise or on-cloud. This is useful for companies that may be upgrading from legacy systems, but still prefer to keep everything on-prem, rather than in the cloud.

  • OneStream's Workflow makes it easy for you to streamline the entire business process (from data loading to reporting).

  • OneStream Xf's drill-down lets users drill down to a more detailed level view of the data (and even source level data). With a simple click, users can see all the underlying numbers that comprise a summary amount.
onestream workflow


OneStream XF reporting has 3 methods of viewing: cube view, dashboards, and reports. Cube views are unformatted (raw data), but are the only way to submit data. Reports are formatted and focus on real-time data, but data cannot be submitted. Dashboards contain interactive charts and graphs.

OneStream XF has 2 types of dashboards: System Dashboards & Application Dashboards. System Dashboards are pre-built, and focus on user activity, user usage, maintenance, and so forth. Application Dashboards are not pre-built, and focus on interactive reporting, looking at real-time data. Additional files (videos, pictures, etc.) can be added to Application Dashboards. These dashboards come preconfigured with OneStream XF.



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