The Flexibility of OneStream XF

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Publication Date: 07/29/2019
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The ability for OneStream XF to be available both on-premise and on-cloud is an attractive feature for many companies. And because OneStream still provides research and development funding for the on-premise version of OneStream XF, companies that are use to having EPM applications on-prem instead of on-cloud can rest assured that support will still be provided for on-premise OneStream XF.

Cloud & On-Prem Features

On Cloud Features

  • Flexible (the ability to move between on-prem and cloud)
  • < 2 hours of upgrade on your time frame
  • Resources and performance are guaranteed
  • Allows for 35 days of backup

On Premise Features

  • A guaranteed 99.95% of total uptime
  • The ability to own the application, data, and have everything available on location
  • Increase/decrease on-demand resources
  • Be able to access OneStream Managed Services


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