Data Cleansing with Hyperion Essbase & Smartview

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Revised on: 10/01/2019
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Our Fortune 500 Oil & Gas client was in negotiations with a competitor regarding a potential acquisition and merger. It was important that the client’s financial data be mapped to the acquiring company’s metadata structure prior to the merger.


A Fortune 500 industry leader and ongoing client positioned for acquisition.


Paradigm SES was selected to manage this project based on the quality of work delivered by the Paradigm SES team in prior projects and their familiarity with the complexity of the client’s data.

The Challenges

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  • Map financial data from client company to acquiring company’s metadata structure.
  • Clean up client data to ensure the implementation of accurate one-to-one mapping
The unique design of each company’s data structure would make the one-to-one mapping process extremely complex. Resolving data quality prior to moving forward with any mapping would be imperative to ensure the accuracy of all future integrated reporting and, ultimately, the success of the project.


The Paradigm SES team’s previous knowledge of the client data, as well as additional review in the due diligence stage, allowed them to identify data issues that generated from the SAP source system. For example, billing documents were being coded to the incorrect product line. Additionally, the product lines were not separately defined on invoices. Thus, there was no accurate process for determining which products had been sold.

Software Solutions used in this project include:

The client was advised that measures needed to be taken to clean up the data in SAP. The Paradigm SES team began extracting data from an Oracle database and creating a new Essbase database. A total of 185 fields were migrated from the Oracle database. After going through the dataset, the team discovered multiple columns with blank data or duplicate members. In addition, Paradigm SES uncovered fields in the Oracle database that had been imported from different sources and were irrelevant to the data mapping project. These fields were eliminated from the dataset. In an ongoing process of communication with client stakeholders, the data was scrubbed and the appropriate fields were identified for mapping to the acquiring company’s data.


This project was successfully completed on time and within budget.

This project was successfully completed on time and within budget. In less than 4 weeks the data was scrubbed, a process which narrowed the dataset from 185 fields to 95. Once the data was cleaned, Paradigm SES was able to move forward with the full integration of financial data and the replication of forecasting and profitability cost management allocation processes in alignment with the acquiring company’s models.


“An organization of our size depends heavily on the talent and deep technical knowledge of subject matter experts and consultants. Often, that means dedicating a significant part of the day to extensive status updates, a practice which can be costly to our company while also tying up important resources in redundant meetings of little value. I have an appreciation for Paradigm SES and their approach to this problem. They simply become part of our team, and our ongoing, daily interaction with them eliminates the need for formal meetings. This helps keep us all on track with our timelines and budgets.”

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