Cost Management Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

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Publication Date: 04/05/2019
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Paradigm SES was hired as a subcontractor in the early stages of the large-scale project to lead the implementation of Hyperion Planning. The initial performance of the Paradigm SES team attracted the attention of the client’s decision makers who were managing another subcontractor’s delayed delivery of Hyperion Workforce. Within the first 2 months working with this client, Paradigm SES was recruited to take over additional responsibility in delivering the Workforce implementation.


A Fortune 500 industry leader and ongoing client positioned for acquisition.


The client needed help modernizing legacy systems that had been in place for more than 25 years. Technologies and processes needed to change significantly if the health network was to remain competitive. The executive team moved forward with a technology consulting services firm to deploy Hyperion Planning, Workforce, and Profitability & Cost Management solutions to improve productivity, cost savings, and reporting capabilities.

The Challenges

  • Modernize cost allocation process from 25-year-old legacy systems.
  • Turn around underperforming projects led by other subcontracting firms.
  • Train end users on all applications.
The third component of this client engagement was the streamlining of their cost allocation process utilizing HPCM. The source of their current process was 3 disparate systems, and analysts needed between 3 and 4 hours to allocate costs using these legacy platforms. A subject matter expert, one of the leading HPCM resources in the industry, had been hired by the client to manage this project. Prior to the launch of this project, however, the client and consultant faced an impasse regarding fees. Paradigm SES was, once again, selected to take over this project, quickly learn the technology, and hit critical delivery dates within budget.


Within the targeted project delivery timeline of 1 year, Paradigm SES designed and built customized Hyperion Workforce, Hyperion CapEx, Hyperion Planning, and Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management applications to meet all of the client’s business needs. The team customized the software to allocate costs for the interim parent cost center down to the individual units to reveal actual costs across the organization. Data from the legacy system was loaded to the Hyperion application using Financial Data Management. Calculation logic was created to accurately report revenue, cost, capital expenditure, and cost allocation. In addition, the Paradigm SES team created more than 5 custom reports using Financial Reporting Studio, then trained users on all four Hyperion applications, Financial Reporting, and SmartView.

Software Solutions used in this project include:

  • Hyperion Planning
  • Hyperion Workforce
  • Hyperion CapEx
  • Hyperion Profitability & Cost Management (HPCM)
  • Financial Reporting Studio
  • SmartView


All projects were completed on time and within the anticipated budget. Following completion of the HPCM application, the client was able to allocate costs down to the penny and cut task completion time from 3+ hours down to 45 minutes.


“This project was transformative for our organization. The extensive system upgrades have moved us into a new era of productivity, responsiveness to members, and cost control. The Paradigm SES team kept it all moving forward—from requirements gathering and discovery to implementation and training. They gave us the tools we needed, but they also identified ways for us to use our systems that exceeded our expectations. Our relationship continues, and I can always call the Paradigm SES team for direction when we have questions.”

John Doe