Consulting & Training

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Paradigm SES offers custom training that is tailored to match your application needs and business processes. We edit the training to fit your exact needs from smaller to larger user communities. We have successfully delivered custom training for multiple global companies in the implementation process.

Training Is Designed & Delivered Based On Your Application Needs & Business Processes

Regardless of where your company is located, or where your user base is located, Paradigm SES can help successfully support your implementation. We can help your company design cost-effective and applicable training that helps users on their time schedules (as well as the operational time restrictions of your company during the financial year).

The following training program features an all-inclusive aim that addresses the following:

On-Site vs Online

Private courses can be held where you need them to be, when you want them to be, and can cover exactly what your company needs. Dedicated training courses can be arranged either on-premise or at 3rd party locations to fit with project deadlines. We can also deliver training courses that meet your company’s exact requirements and customize the end-user training to match your company’s needs.
We can teach any of our courses with a live instructor over the Internet if on-site is not a viable option. This training works just like a traditional classroom training session except that it’s held online. Our instructors will teach the course while users can learn and participate from their offices or home (saving time and money).


Even after a project is finished, unlike other companies that will leave after completion, Paradigm SES will still come back and manage the system and maintain it to make sure the system is still improving. We strive to keep all our clients and their projects maintained the right way and will have support whenever they need help.


You can have a few of our dedicated EPM Solutions consultants working with your company manage costs, enhance revenue and react quickly to business changes and also maintaining and improving the system. No matter how long the project will take, Paradigm SES’s consultants are able to transition into the role of managing and supporting your Hyperion applications and support your company. No training required. We will also be able to help you 24/7 locally if needed.