Benefits of Utilizing Task Manager in Oracle Applications

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Publication Date: 06/24/2020
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What is Task Manager in Oracle applications? (FCCS, PBCS, ARCS, etc.)

Task Manager is a tool to monitor all close and non-close process tasks and provides a simple repeatable schedule of tasks allowing users to collaborate through the monthly close and non-close. Simply put, Task Manager provides the efficiency to manage and keep track of all monthly tasks.

Monthly close task examples:

  1. Director or leader need to assign tasks to users
  2. The assignees perform the tasks
  3. The assignees submit tasks
  4. The assignees
  5. Director/leader approves or rejects submitted tasks

Instead of going through different platforms to perform each step above, all users can utilize Task Manager in Oracle applications to perform updates on each step and monitor the status for each stage on a monthly basis.

By utilizing Task Manager, it provides the capability to track tasks on a user-friendly interface and efficiently save time on:

Author: Henry Lin - Business Intelligence Consultant


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