Proper Installation of Oracle Smart View on Excel

Written By: Jia Huang - Principal Consultant
Publication Date: 05/18/2020

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This is an article that is providing steps to properly install Oracle Smart View to Excel due to the common failure of installation. Smart View is an Excel add-in tool, that connects with Hyperion Planning and Essbase, to create formulas to calculate data values.

Step 1

Download and install the compatible version of Smart View and Smart View Extension from an EPM Cloud Application. After downloading successfully, install the SmartView application first (refer to the screenshot below). Then install the SmartView Add-On for Administrator if needed.

Step 2

Open Excel and see if SmartView showed up in the top tool bar. If not, enable SmartView according to the following steps. File > Options > Add-ins > Active Oracle Smart View for Office for Excel Add-in and COM Add-in Once Oracle SmartView for Office is enabled, access to the same Add-ins page, and check Excel Add-Ins, make sure the SmartView file, HsTbar.xls, is also enabled.

Step 3

Restart Excel and the Smart View tab should be available at the top tab of the Excel window.

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