OneStream XF - Scenario Dimensions

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Publication Date: 08/06/2019
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One of the many dimensions of OneStream XF, is the scenario dimension. The scenario dimension is a "set" of data that is different for business use and allows flexibility within the application. For more information on onestream dimensions, check out OneStream Dimensions Pt. 1 and OneStream Dimensions Pt. 2

There are 24 pre-defined scenario types which include: Actual, Budget, Forecast, etc. These are properties of each Scenario member. It also controls how they can be categorized. You are able to have as many Scenarios as you want of each Scenario Type on OneStream XF.


There are different settings applied in OneStream XF. these settings also vary by each Scenario Type.

  • Dimension properties (i.e. formulas)
  • Dimensional assignment to the Cube
  • Workflow Structure/tasks/processes
This all supports parent/child relationships but only for grouping scenarios. You do not consolidate this.


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